Standing Behind Our Footwear Innovations

Invest in your performance knowing your deadliest weapon is always protected

All shoes purchased on our website between September 1st and November 30th are eligible for The Full Season Guarantee. The Full Season Footwear Guarantee is good for 180 days (6 months) from the purchase date. This promise gives you total peace-of-mind knowing your purchase is protected and you are always battle ready for the most intense times of the year.

What the Guarantee covers:

  • MataForm™ Compression Layer elasticity;
  • Stitching;
  • Blowouts;
  • Unnatural peeling & fraying in non-friction zones.

What is NOT covered:

  • Natural wear and tear on the outsole;
  • Natural wear and tear on key drag & friction zones, such as the suede edging and inside/outside ankle areas;
  • Nicks, streaks, dents, blemishes that naturally happen from wrestling; and
  • Shoe laces.
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