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Our Mission

Reshape the way wrestlers think about their footwear and apparel.

Our Vision

To bring continuous innovation and head-turning designs to wrestling. 

Our Values

TG is very design focused. No whacky and tacky designs like other fading brands. We are better than that. We believe in keeping our gear clean & classy to maintain a sense of fashion in a sport filled with bad asses.

TG thrives on breaking new ground and giving wrestlers new appreciation and love for the footwear and clothing they depend on.

Wrestlers must perform, and their gear should fit flawlessly. TG’s investment in finding the right assembly & sizing process for wrestling apparel gives the sport a complete rebirth.

Our History

Established in 2017, TERRA GRAPPL'R operates on two mission-centric planes - a multi-functional wrestling brand, and a fundraising partner for Pin Cancer.

Our flagship product - The TG Premier Wrestling Shoe was developed to change the wrestling shoe industry. TERRA GRAPPL'R offers an array of premium wrestling products ranging from the rapidly growing TG wrestling shoes, to collaborations with some of the biggest names in wrestling.

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